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Car Demon Plugin for WordPress Features

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Parnassus Creative saw the need for independent auto dealers to have an opportunity to level the playing field with their competition in the vehicle sales world. This website package is being made available for a fraction of the cost your competition is paying with many of the same features. You do not need to be an internet expert – managing your on-line vehicle inventory and staff listings are as simple as filling in the information on the appropriate forms along with uploading photos in your site administration pages thanks to the Car Demon Plugin for the Word Press website platform.

Another advantage is that all data is self-contained on your website without the need to use third-party data storage and data retrieval. This leaves most everything under your control eliminating reliance on third party service provider’s stability. Parnassus Creative also sets up scheduled automatic full site backups to protect your site from disasters, intentional and accidental - site restoration normally can be completed in a relatively short period of time when we have been notified of this need.

The Car Demon WordPress Plugin is full of features designed specifically for Car Dealers. What began as a weekend project, our mission has become to help other people embrace WordPress as a viable solution to creating cost effective and feature rich websites for Automotive Dealers. With over 10,000 downloads and many positive reviews it has proven WordPress can be an effective and low cost method for Car Dealers to showcase their inventories and drive leads.

Car Demon is a Plugin designed for car dealers including; Full Inventory Management, Lead Forms with ADFxml support, Dynamic Lead Routing, Staff Page and more. Also included are a general contact form, service appointment form, service quote form, trade-in form, a finance application and a vehicle information form all with AdfXml support.

It also contains powerful inventory management tools with optional VinQuery Integration*1, compare vehicles tool, and multiple location support.

If you've ever filled out an on-line form or uploaded a photo to someplace like Facebook then you already have experienced many of the same tasks it takes to manage your on-line vehicle sales website. Our exclusive Parnassus Creative Client Help site provides the details to you on exactly what those tasks are with step-by-step instructions guiding you.

What can Car Demon do?

Car Demon was designed for Car Dealers looking for a powerful and inexpensive tool to manage all aspects of their website. Car Demon is that tool.

Since Car Demon is a WordPress Plugin you can leverage all the power of WordPress to make your site stand out from the rest. Car Demon is optimized to load super fast, helping to reduce visitor bounce rates. With site load time now being used as a ranking factor, you'll never have to worry about your site getting hit with a Google performance penalty.

Hosting? Setup? Design?

Parnassus Creative can provide the Hosting on our Website Hosting Cooperative at a fraction of the cost you will find most anywhere else.

We will also do all of the site setup for you including the basic Car Demon Features.

Parnassus Creative has the experience to design the custom site theme you will want for your website without it looking like a ‘cookie-cutter’ knock-off that many low-cost providers will try to pigeon-hole you into – we work with you to fine-tune your ideas and inspirations.

All of these features come standard at no cost:

  • Full Inventory Management with optional Vin Query Integration
  • Beautiful Photo Galleries and slideshows
  • General Contact Form, Service Appointment, Service Quote, Parts Quote, Trade-In & Finance Forms
  • Employee and Staff Page with Photos
  • Affiliate links that allow your sales staff to customize the contact information on your site with THEIR INFORMATION
  • Multiple location support with intelligent lead routing, send leads to the proper location and department
  • Optional ADFxml Lead support for easy integration with existing CRM systems
  • Dynamic loading inventory - By default 9 vehicles are displayed per page, when dynamic inventory is turned on new vehicles are loaded into the page without the need to click and load a whole new page.
  • Leverage the full power of WordPress and Car Demon and watch your sales grow!

VinQuery Integration*1 is an optional service with a subscription cost providing Original Manufacturer’s specifications and options for vehicles. For more information on subscription costs and features of this service visit: XML VIN Decoding Web Service - VIN Decoder - 24x7 VIN Decoding Web Service ( Car Demon does include 50 FREE Decodes from VinQuery, sign up with is required to receive the 50 free VIN Decodes.