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On this sample Contact page your can post the information for potential vehicle buyers to contact you, include an Email Contact Form (displayed at right) and a map of your Sales Lot Location using Google Maps (displayed below).

Click here for Contact Information for Parnassus Creative, or email Michael Kennon.

Below is an example of how your Contact page could look.

Provide your address, phone numbers and e-mail information allowing visitors to reach you faster.

This Contact Us page also includes one of the many Car Demon Forms for contacting your dealership along with a Google Map that you can show your locations (an additional Word Press Plugin).

Auto Dealer Demonstration Website

586 Main Ave, Building 42
Main City, Country 12345-6789

T: (555) 123 - 4567
F: (555) 523 - 4567


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The Google Map below is used as an example to show you can provide this feature on your website and provide visitors with directions to get to your sales lots.[google_map_easy id="1"]