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What is Site Design?

In relationship to a WordPress platform website, site design is the creation of the collection of PHP, CSS, JS, Images, and more format files that control how your web pages look and function for your website visitors.

These files specify the images being displayed and where, the Widget locations (Special Features) on the web pages, any special effects to the graphics, and even the individual pages included on your website. In a WordPress platform website, this is called the Theme.

Parnassus Creative uses specially designed software to create Themes that are compatible with WordPress and uses no unsavory program coding that may cause you problems with your website. Collectively, Parnassus Creative Website Design staffers have decades of experience and have even won awards for their site designs over the years. We know what looks good and works well for your website visitors.

The WordPress Theme being employed on this demonstration website was designed to work well with the Car Demon Plugin for WordPress – not all Themes do work well in this instance. Additionally, Multi-device compatibilities are built-in to this WordPress Theme for your site visitors, whether it be their PC, Tablet, or Cell-phone they are using to visit your website will look good and be very usable by your site visitors.

Parnassus Creative Designers can make minor adjustments to this Theme making your website unique without any additional design charges. These minor adjustments include:

  • Background colors and textures
  • Header or Banner image, possibly replacing it with an image you supply
  • Footer design, layout, images, links, and text
  • Main Menu button images, colors, and position (either below or above the Header image)
  • Shading, Glowing, or 3-D effects around the borders of the main content section of the web pages
  • Creation of a site Favicon – the image that appears in the address bar of the web browser and in the bookmarks/favorites listings for your website.

For more information about Theme Design and what the various elements are, please read this post on our Parnassus Creative Client Help website: Webpage Design

What is the WordPress platform?

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) platform for websites, mainly for those that want their sites to be in the Blog format. This is a very powerful platform for handling Blogs, but it can also perform well as a standard CMS platform.

For those that don’t know a thing about WordPress, those that need to learn more, or those that just need a refresher you can visit the site doc­u­men­ta­tion at:

Main Page « Word­Press Codex (

This doc­u­men­ta­tion is well laid out and orga­nized by focus subject.

If you have a spe­cific ques­tion that you’re not find­ing the answer to here let us know and we’ll see what we can find out for you.

We believe that the more you know about work­ing in the WordPress plat­form the bet­ter your site will be for your vis­i­tors and they will be more likely to use what you have pro­vided for them on your site.

As a Parnassus Creative Website Services Client we provide you with all of the training documents you will need to manage your Auto Dealership website. Also we have found a 17 part series of WordPress Training videos, these will help in training you in the tasks you may need to perform as the owner of a WordPress platform website. All of these are available on our Parnassus Creative Client Help website – free to use by our current Website Services Clients, login credentials are required to view any training materials on that website and will be provided to you when you become one of our clients.

For your Auto Dealership website, we have chosen the Car Demon Plugin for the WordPress platform simply because we believe it offers you the best that is available at a price that is well worth the value you will receive. We have looked at what else is currently available in both the WordPress and Joomla platforms and based our decision on what we found and our years of experience of working with these website platforms. Yes, there are other alternatives available, but at substantially higher prices that this package.

Via our Client Help site we have provided instructional documents for the Car Demon plugin and WordPress that will cover most everything you will need to know to run your Auto Dealership website. Access to this valuable resource is included with your website package from Parnassus Creative.