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What is a Slider?

Sliders on a website are very common these days. A Slider is a series of images in a ‘Slide Show’ format usually with clickable links in the images. Can also include animations and videos in the slides.

In the past to have a features like these you had to use some expensive software to create a ‘Flash Slide Show’ and then insert that file into your page or post.

However, with the advances in Web Browsers this Flash element has been made obsolete and not supported by many of today’s web browsers, especially on mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet.

Today’s web browsers do most times support Slide Show elements even on mobile devices. A Slider is an option for slide shows many times with more advanced features you can incorporate to the images to enhance your site’s visitors experience.

After searching for Sliders that are both affordable and full of these special features, we have found the Slider WD Plugin for WordPress and do recommend its use on your website.

A Slider display can be designed to fit your specific requirements and can be placed virtually most any place on your web pages. These can be as flexible as you need and can be swapped out by you when you want – great for adding a display for a weekly special or other unique purpose such as your TV Ad video!